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Spisska Nova Ves 7.11.2012

Spisska Nova Ves 7.11.2012
The main entrance of Technical Academy

Our ”Venusa Penzion Restaurant” offered once again good sleep and still the atmosphere in our accommodation is over all very warm and domestic. In early morning it was outside quite cold and the puddles have frozen during night time. At nine o´clock Stanka conducted us to their school, “Technical Academy”. It was time for presentations and our task was to depict our school system but also catch the focal points of Slovakian school system as well.  

Team Finland and Stanka plus other audience

At first we heard some interesting presentation of international projects conducted by young students of Technical Academy. These six young fellows have been in Germany and worked with several companies, enjoying also the amusements of local activities like football and music playing. According to Stanka the basic natural sciences have been valuated highly in Technical Academy and “the hard technical” subjects, ie. competence acquired in this field, allow young students to participate this kind of projects also abroad.
Touko is still going strong...
Touko presented shortly Rauma and Pori region and tried to explain to youngsters what means “vanha kaupunki” and the signification of ship building and mill industries to the whole region of Rauma. Jouni concentrated to explain the WinNova main streams of education efforts with youngsters´ and adults´ vocational education. Earlier in internet we have heard that STX Europe has committed a brand new contract of passenger ship ordered from Italian shipping company. So, we were very proud of our Finnish ship builders and we tried to describe the key elements of our ship industries´ competencies.
Jouni´s and Stanka´s presentation
After then Stanka presented very fluently and comprehensibly the key items of Slovakian School system. We heard that the school system as wholly is based well on the same ideas and framework as in Finland. The main difference in youngsters´ education is that the secondary vocational education lasts four years and the on-the-job learning is only some weeks during the whole education. The education ends with “School Leaving Examination”, so called “Maturita”, which means that every approved exam is then written down as official “School Leaving Certificate”. By this they can apply for a study at universities. After presentation we enjoyed a lunch in students´ canteen. The lunch is not free for students but costs only slightly over one euro consisting both a soup and main entree.

Writer and his consultant...

Altogether we could sense of good spirit of doing things in Technical Academy – as well among the students and very competent teachers.

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